Upcoming Events

Guild Calendar

May 11 Guild Meeting       Member Focus: Study Groups Presentation, Overshot-          patterned Doubleweave and Tapestry

June 8 Guild Meeting       Annual Year End Potluck

June 17-22 Midwest Weavers' Conference 2019; Grinnell, Iowa

July 13 NO Guild Meeting 

August 10 Guild Meeting   Annual Guild "Garage" Sale

September 14 Guild Meeting Business meeting sign-ups and Study group ideas.  Sign    up for Oct 12 lunch at Joe’s 1PMOctober 12 Guild Meeting  Louise Halsey an          Arkansas Living Treasure.  Louise will share and discuss her weaving. Lunch with    Louise will follow, all members welcome. Dutch treat at Joe’s Pizza and Pasta,        4224 W. Sunset Ave Springdale

November 7-9 Workshop Jennifer Moore Double Rainbow Workshop

November 9 Guild Meeting, Jennifer Moore will discuss the current Double Rainbow     workshop

December 14 Guild Meeting    Christmas meeting and gathering.  Share/exchange         drafts from 2018.


January 11 Guild Meeting       Sights & commitments when raising sheep & fiber in                                         the Ozarks 

Febrary 8 Guild Meeting        Michele Hansford presents "The Conservation of                                               Textiles"

March 14 Guild Meeting        Jacqueline Kurtt presents 'All Things Being Equal" all                                         that is important with your loom & your weaving

April 11 Guild Meeting          Eleanor Lux will discuss travels, teaching and beading

May 9 Guild Meeting            Daryl Lancaster will speak.

June 13 Guild Meeting          Pot luck and summertime!