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January 11 Guild Meeting       Sights & commitments when raising sheep & fiber in                                         the Ozarks 

Febrary 8 Guild Meeting        Michele Hansford presents "The Conservation of                                               Textiles"

March 14 Guild Meeting        Jacqueline Kurtt presents 'All Things Being Equal" all                                         that is important with your loom & your weaving

April 11 Guild Meeting          Eleanor Lux will discuss travels, teaching and beading

May 9 Guild Meeting            Daryl Lancaster will speak.

June 13 Guild Meeting          Pot luck and summertime!

Calendar for 2021-2022

December 11  Guild Meeting    Holiday Favorites                      Program Committee
January 8     Guild Meeting    TBA                     
February 12   Guild Meeting    Study Group Updates                  Marty Benson and Study Group                                                                                              Members
March 12      Guild Meeting    Guest Speaker via Zoom              Kris Bruland, creator of                                                                                                      Handweaving .net

April 9         Guild Meeting    WeftOver Sale
May 14         Guild Meeting    Guest Speaker via Zoom              Upper Canadian Weaving
June 11         Guild Meeting    Display of Study Group Projects    Study Group Members