Meets Second Saturday of the month, 10:00a.m., at the Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale, Arkansas, unless otherwise announced. Dues June 1 – May 31: $20.00 Newsletters by mail surcharge $8.00


Dues are for June 1-May 31 and are $20.00. If mailing newsletters by mail there is a surcharge of $8.00 


Letter from retiring President 


Dear Weavers, 

This will be my last note to you as president of the Northwest Arkansas Handweavers Guild. I want to thank you all for your help and attendance at meetings and for being my friends. I know we will have a happy 2 years coming up with Glenna and the other new officers. Thank you, thank you. 

Love from Linda 


Letter from New President 

Good morning and Happy Saturday to you! 

Thank you very much to all of the outgoing committee chairs and officers for your service to the NWAHG for the past 2 years and to all of the incoming committee chairs and officers for volunteering your time for the next 2 years. 

Below you will see the incoming/outgoing committee chairs, I thought I would pass this along so that you can exchange necessary information. 

The Exec Board hopes to get a running start on the next 2 years and all of us 'newby's' will be looking to the experienced officers and chairs for knowledge and support. 



Program Marty B (Cecelia J) 

Historian Charlotte M (Florence J) 

Librarian Lisa E (Jerri S) 

Membership Janet G & Debbie D (Laura R) 

Hospitality Linda O (Monica M) 

Newsletter Beverly M (Beverly M) 

Yearbook Laura R (Laura R) 

Sunshine Monica M (Lisa E) 

Demonstrations Cynthia C (Monica M, Vern S) 

Loom Storage/Rental Laura R (Marilyn S) 

Webmaster Beverly (Beverly M


Program for June 

Calling All Huck Lace Weavers!  The Huck Lace Study Group will be presenting their work at the June meeting. Please join in the fun with projects you have woven in huck lace! The study group members will be exchanging their hand-woven huck lace face cloths immediately after the program. Please remember to submit your lace samples for the library sample book. 


Pot Luck this Guild Meeting. Everyone brings something. 


Summer Seminar Thursday Open House This year's Summer Seminar classes are full but we have a waiting list in case of cancellations. Give Laura a call (479-925-1102) if you want to be on the list. PLEASE NOTE: Instead of open house all day every day, we are going to have open house each Thursday afternoon from 1-3 p.m. This allows the instructors and students to plan for visitors and to not be in "lecture" when you come. 


New Members Two new members paid dues at the last meeting. Please add them to your yearbook: Charlotte M 2316 Pearl Cr. Van Buren, AR 72956 479-461-0368 Vicky L 6500 Dogwood Ln. Omaha, AR 72662 936-552-6186 . A new yearbook will be handed out in the fall. 


Flag Day Our June 14 meeting happens to fall on Flag Day. This month's Smithsonian magazine features the Great Garrison flag that flew over Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor during the War of 1812. According to the article, the flag was handwoven of wool. Using a magnifying glass, the material appears to be loosely woven plain weave but it's a little hard to tell. The commander of the fort, Major George Armistead, anticipated that the British would attack and wanted "a flag so large that the British will have no difficulty seeing it from a distance." Originally, the flag was 30 x 42 FEET and each of the 15 stripes was 2 FEET wide. Each star was 24 inches from point to point. Can you imagine how heavy that woolen flag would have been? Must have taken quite a breeze to make if flap in the wind! 


NWAHG Abbreviated Treasurer’s Report 

 Financial Report for Apr 8, 2014 – May 9, 2014 

Balance as of Apr 7, 2014 6530.49

Membership 80.00 

Newsletter 8.00 

Scholarship (100.00) 

Total Receipts/(Expenses) 88.00 (100.00) 

Balance as of May 9, 2014 6518.49 

Scholarship balance 971.55 

Working balance 5546.94 

Jill M NWAHG Treasurer 


Northwest Arkansas Handweavers Guild Secretary Notes 

Minutes of the 05/10/2014 Meeting 

Linda L, guild president, welcomed us all to the meeting. Vicki L, from the Harrison, AR area was visiting. She found the guild through the internet and is a fiber enthusiast. We received a letter at the PO box from a person from Mayflower who is interested in learning to weave. Please see Linda for addition information. A big thank you to Laura R & Monica M for providing refreshments and being our hostesses. Beverly M was thanked for a wonderful job on the newsletter and web site. A big thank you was given to Loyanne for maintaining our Face Book page. 

Linda L asked for any modifications or additions that needed to be made to the minutes of the April guild meeting as published in the newsletter. There being none Cecelia J motioned that the minutes be accepted as published and Marty B seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. 

Jill M presented the treasurer’s report for last month. The beginning balance was $6,503.49 and the ending balance was $6,518.49. Jill reminded us that guild membership dues for the 2014 – 2015 year are due June 1, 2014. Dues are $20.00. There is an additional $8.00 due if you would like to receive the newsletter via postal service. 

A book report was given by Jerri S. The name of the book was Custom Woven Interiors by Bringing Color and Design home with Rep Weave. This book is new to our guild library. There are many color illustrations in the book as well as weaving tips. Jerri loved the book so much that she has bought herself a copy for her home library. Jerri had sticky notes throughout the book for things she wanted to show us. She has started on one project with another project in the wings. 


Old Business 

Florence J delivered the guild shirts at the meeting that she ordered and they were lovely as usual. We want to thank Florence for handling that task for the guild. 

Laura R gave us a report on Summer Seminar. She said that there are 2 openings in the beginners class and 2 additional openings available for the smorgasbord class.


New Business 

The nominating committee’s slate of officers for the guild years of 2014 – 2016 was presented by M. Please refer to the listing below: 

Glenna R, President 

Marty B, Vice President, Program Committee Chairperson 

Jill M, Vice President Elect 

Loyanne C, Secretary 

Larry Ml, Treasurer 

Monica M motioned that we accept the slate of new officers as presented by the nominating committee and Ann W seconded the motion. 


Demonstration Chairperson 

Monica M announced that there will be a demonstration in November at Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, AR. They will allow items to be sold in their gift shop during the event. All items will be juried before being placed in the museum gift shop. Monica will be meeting with her contact at the museum during the first few weeks of June and will share more information as it becomes available. 

The guild will be participating again this year in the Sheep to Shawl at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale, AR. The event is scheduled for the first Thursday and Friday in October. Monica asks that you put this on your calendar and please see her if you would like to volunteer to represent the guild in this very worth while endeavor. 


Publicity Chairperson 

Loyanne C announced that she is willing to post links on the guild’s Face Book page to your business websites if you have a weaving related business. 



Jerri S gave us all a friendly reminder that there are some library books that are overdue and that June is the last scheduled meeting to return them before the summer. Please bring them with you to the June meeting and if you are not able to attend please get them 

to another guild member. 



Marsha W is unable to drive any longer so she is not able to attend the guild meetings. She has renewed her membership for the upcoming year. If you are able to pick her up for a meeting she lives in Fayetteville. Please call her if you are available. 



Debbie D announced that her shop in Eureka Springs, Red Scottie Fibers, is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Debbie herself is in the shop Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays. If there is something that you need and you can’t make it during regular hours she said to give her a call and she will arrange something special for you. The shop is located at 12 Center Street, Eureka Springs, AR. 

Monica M, Hostess Chairperson, announced that the guild tries to be environmentally friendly so she wanted to remind all of us to try to remember to bring our own cups and plates for refreshments. 


Show and Share 

Marty B – brought a sampler from a Jason Collingwood rug workshop that she had attended. It was from one of his plain weave classes which is the subject of the workshop at Harbor Village in Grove, OK the first week of June. She also brought a sample of what the Jason Collingwood workshop in Springfield, MO will be covering. She then showed us some yardage that she wove for a sample exchange that she was participating in with a Texas guild. The pattern was originally woven in AR. Marty had reverse engineered the pattern from an overshot coverlet that belonged to the family of a member of the Dallas, TX weaver’s guild. 

Debbie D brought in an Easter table runner that she wove in a Monk’s Belt pattern. The runner was made with linen and perle cotton. 

Jill M then showed us samples that she made with her remaining perle cotton warp from the Karen Donde lace workshop. She had warped her loom with the alternate Swedish Lace on four shafts. Some of the samples had weft faced floats while some others had warp and weft faced floats. She then added some shafts and experimented further with utilizing warp and weft faced floats and alternating them. 

Linda O then showed us her samples that she had woven from her warp from the lace workshop. She had warped a 5 end huck lace pattern on her loom. 

Jerrie S showed us her Swedish Lace Alternate using perle cotton with three colors from the workshop. 

Ceceilia J showed us her double width lace weaving which she wove on the fold. Karen developed the draft special for this workshop. 



I am interested in a woven baby sling. What I’m looking for is a simple piece of cloth, approx 27” wide and 182” long with a cotton warp and cotton, linen, or wool weft Something kind of like these  I’d love to hear if anyone is interested and how much. Thanks! Mandy 918-500-3931                         11/5/13


Does anyone have or know of an adjustable loom bench for sale? If you do please email                      12/2/13


I have a handmade spinning wheel with distaff for sale. It is an Ozark Folkways in Winslow. It works and looks good; however it is not close to the precision of the Kromski or other more commercial machines. At $185.00 it could even be a charming decorator item. Thanks, Crow                                                                                                                                                                                                        12/2/13


Raw Fleece for Sale: 

Cheviot ewes were sheared on May 1, 2014. Fleeces have been skirted.  Cost is $25 per fleece. Call me, Roberta Hamilton – 417-435-2674, before June 15 if you are interested.                                                                                                                                                       6/7/14 


For Sale: 4 harness floor loom made in AR of cherry wood. It is 22" wide with string heddles & a 10 dent reed. $50.00. Flo S     6/7/14.


For sale: Beautifully refurbished 4 shaft Macomber loom with 8 treadles.. Add a Harness to 10 harnesses. New back beam. Asking $450. or 210-415-4417.                                                                                                                                                  6/7/14




June 10 Jason Collingwood will be giving a free lecture in Springfield at 6:30 P.M. It is open to the public. The facility is large and has comfortable seating. There is parking available on Benton Street itself and Lot #6 is going to be opened for this event. The third option is if you drive down Drury Lane, Lay Hall is a short walk behind Olin Library. Contact Glenna with questions 


June 14 Guild Meeting. Study Groups Show 


July 14-19 HGA Convergence in Providence, Rhode Island  


July 14-25 Summer Seminar 2014


August 9 & 10 Fiber Frenzy Weekend. Calling all quilters, clothiers, spinners, weavers, knitters, crochet artists and other fiber folks 

Want to teach, offer a talk, show your work or vend your wares? The Ozark Folk Center State Park is offering two weekends this year for Fiberaholics. Please email Jeanette Larson at or call her at870-213-5083 to join in. 


October 18 & 19 Fiber to Fashion Weekend. Calling all quilters, clothiers, spinners, weavers, knitters, crochet artists and other fiber folks  Want to teach, offer a talk, show your work or vend your wares?  The Ozark Folk Center State Park is offering two weekends this year for Fiberaholics. Please email Jeanette Larson at or call her at870-213-5083 to join in. 


October 4-6, 2014 Inge Dam Workshop on incorporating tablet (card) weaving in Tulsa into garments. Participants must use an 8-dent reed for the workshop in order to set up the table and heddled warps correctly. Lynn in Tulsa will contact us with details at a later date. 



A new committee has been formed for loom rental. Committee members are Marilyn, Laura, Monica and Linda. The looms will continue to be stored at Marilyn’s house. Many, many thanks go to Marilyn for doing an excellent job as loom master. When you want to rent a guild loom or other equipment, please send a message to the guild’s email address, All previous rules still apply. It is the responsibility of the renter to pick up and return equipment to Marilyn’s house, after sending a message to the email address to arrange a time. No Sunday pick up or returns please. Please bring help for lifting heavy looms. 



The Guild has rented a post office box. The address is: NWAHG, PO Box 11635, Springdale, Ar 72765, It will be used for official business but please send dues checks, etc., directly to the treasurer (Larry Mizell) and if you wish a speedy reply, send other info directly to the guild officer or guild member. 


Library Notes 

  The guild library will be open 30 minutes before each meeting and during the break. The library will not be open after the meeting. However if you need in after the meeting I will gladly open it for you. Lisa E. 


Show and Share 

 Lace Samples



It's sheep to shawl time ladies and gents, This is my first year sitting in the Demonstration Chair so you will be hearing from me now and again with some new ideas and requests for help. If you have an idea for demonstrations I am open to hearing them. It would be great to get a couple of new ones in this year, as I know we would all love to see some younger folks taking up the shuttle! 

But for our immediate and already scheduled events...

We have Sheep to shawl coming up October 3rd &4th. This is the annual event that has been going on for many years now at the Shiloh Museum.. The kids are looking forward to it, ( en mass) I hear...and so am I! 

What we need are a few more volunteers for weaving & assisting the little ones. 

Thursday the 3rd Friday the 4th 

9:00 - 11:00 9:00 - 11:00 

12:30 - 2:30 12:30 - 2:30 

weave on! Cynthia 


Good day, 

We are contacting you because are a fiber grower and we wanted to let you know about the brand new mill that we are in the process of putting in. Please read the attached flyer and support us by liking us on Facebook and sharing with everyone you know. 

Thank you, 

Phoenix Fiber Mill Phoenix Fiber Mill will be a community project located in Olney Springs, Colorado, which is located about 40 miles east of Pueblo. Olney Springs is a small community and the main source of employment is one of two prisons in a once predominately agricultural area. Some farmers still grow feed, food or fiber. The Dietrich’s are hoping to give fiber growers all over a source for additional revenue by providing a full service fiber processing mill. 

The Dietrich’s moved to Colorado over 9 years ago with their three children. Since then, one has married and Mike and Karen adopted 8 more, some with special needs. They are now a family of 14 and they raise Alpaca. 

Last year, the Dietrich’s bought a historic building in Olney Springs and started to restore the building to house the mill. Finding out that repurposing the building is very expensive, the Dietrich decided to create a Crowd Fund to help with the purchase of the milling equipment, also very expensive. 

The goal of the mill is to create new jobs and industry in their agricultural area, meet the needs of fiber growers all over and create a venue for fiber artisans to voice their personal requirements for their art. 

The Dietrich’s intend to offer classes, an Artisan Showcase, and offer the best milling practices they possibly can by offering services from picking/skirting raw fiber all the way to yarns and felt. We hope you can support them in their efforts. 

If you would like to help spread the word and to get more information on the crowd fund, 

go to Facebook and like and share Phoenix Fiber Mill. The Crowd Fund access with more information and rewards will be found at: 




JUNE 2014 newsletter