1920S – The Northwest Arkansas Handweavers Guild has roots in the Benton County (Arkansas) Rug Weavers Association formed in the 1920s.  However the group did not function for several years.  In the late 1940’s the organization became active again in response to the craft revival that was sweeping the nation.  In 1954 the Guild sponsored a one-week weaving course at War Eagle Mill east of Rogers, Arkansas.  The resulting exhibit was such a success that another idea was formed.  In October the first Ozarks Arts and Crafts Fair was held at War Eagle.  Since that time, the little weaving exhibit has grown into one of the largest arts and crafts fairs of its kind in the Ozarks.  As the Fair Association took over the administration of the fair, the Guild again became inactive until the 70s when it began to meet regularly.  Today the Guild includes members from all skill levels with a variety of weaving interests.  The organization provides members a supportive social atmosphere to gather and share experiences, knowledge and the latest in patterns, resources and equipment.